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Exposure 55

In Exposure’s 55th installment, kevinmcq gives you a mix that features choice cuts he has picked up over the past few months. We want you to shake off the winter and hop into a summer mood.

Kyle Johnson

Exposure 56

Exposure 56: Kyle Johnson selects top raw techno and stripped-down house cuts for a curious trip with relentless rhythm.


Exposure 57

Exposure 57: Exposure 57 was recorded by Honour in a single run on November 26th, 2014. The mix considers the old’s place among the new as it mercurially flows between house tracks spanning four decades and relentlessly descends to its climax.

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On Thursday, April 9th, Lancelot will be making his inaugural appearance in Ann Arbor at Necto Nightclub. We are all getting the amazing opportunity to see him perform live, in the Red Room, up close and personal. His catalog includes amazing originals, world-class remixes, and a diverse set of collaborations. Come out and see MEDMA’s best show of the year.

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