Exposure 50 Banner

Exposure 50

MEDMA celebrates its 50th mix in its Exposure Series, featuring music spun by the current President (aka Nightfall) and Vice President (Cooper). It is a diverse mix, characterized by emphatic bass, spry layering, fluid transitions, and even a dash of hip-hop.

Exposure 51 Banner

Exposure 51

Lifio takes you on a tour of Techno, with popping grooves from the streets of New York City, kick drums fueled by London warehouses, funky synths from Spains beaches, and of course the dirtiest techno from Germany’s underground.

Exposure 52 Banner

Exposure 52

In Exposure’s 52nd installment, Karlton Marx has crafted an eclectic mix for his comrades which explores a wide variety of emotion. And with a solid foundation of deep house grooves, this set will bring some soul to your sunny autumn days.

Exposure 53 Banner

Exposure 53

DJ Ilkka’s vocal-infused journey through some groovy house and nu-disco sounds.

Exposure 54 Banner v1

Exposure 54

Showcasing the progressive end of the electronic music spectrum, this is a mix designed to take the listener from ethereal ambient soundscapes through to peak-time club grooves. Texture, beauty,and the idea of a transportive, transcendent relationship between listener and music are touchstones by which this mix should be measured.

Exposure 55 Banner

Exposure 55

In Exposure’s 55th installment, kevinmcq gives you a mix that features choice cuts he has picked up over the past few months. We want you to shake off the winter and hop into a summer mood.

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